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Boiled Toon

Brand: Yuansheng Baiwei
Product Name: Boiled Toon
Product specifications: 4cm, 5cm, 8cm, 10cm
Packing specification: 12kg/carton;
Packing material: carton

Toon sprouts are edible and are also the preferred tree species for landscaping. In ancient times, Toona sinensis was called Chun, and Ailanthus was called Ailanthus chinensis. Chinese people have long been accustomed to eating toon, and in the Han Dynasty, it was all over the country. Chun bud is rich in nutrients and has a therapeutic effect. It is mainly used to treat exogenous wind-cold, rheumatic arthralgia, stomach pain, dysentery and so on. It can be cooked, stewed in soup, prepared with a variety of vegetarian dishes, and made into a north-south flavor. It tastes like a sea sting and is unique.