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Mushroom feet

Brand: Yuansheng Baiwei
Product name: Mushroom feet
Product specifications: more than 1.2 cm;
Packing specification: 20kg/bag;
Packing material: woven bag

Product introduction: Shiitake mushroom is a famous edible fungus in my country. It is known as the "Queen of Mushrooms". The fat content of dried mushrooms is about 3%, the iodine value of fat is 139, and the content of unsaturated fatty acids is rich, of which the content of linoleic acid and oleic acid is as high as 90%. Dried shiitake mushrooms contain a lot of minerals, of which calcium is 124㎎, phosphorus 415㎎, and iron 26㎎, which can be used as a good source of calcium, iron, and phosphorus. In addition, shiitake mushrooms also contain trace elements such as manganese, zinc, copper, magnesium, and selenium. The carbohydrate content of dried shiitake mushrooms is as high as 54%, and the content varies slightly between different regions and strains. It contains the most carbohydrates in hemicellulose, in addition to polysaccharides, trehalose, glucose, glycogen, pentosan and mannitol. Dried shiitake mushrooms contain more vitamins, including vitamin B10.07㎎, vitamin B21.13㎎, niacin 18.9㎎, and vitamin C content is less.
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