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Dried Chili

Product introduction: use] is mainly used as a seasoning. It is often used as a food condiment in Sichuan, Guizhou, Hunan and other places. 【Cooking method】Fry, fry, fry, boil, stew, bake, etc. [Origin] Most of Sichuan, the whole of Guizhou, the whole of Yunnan, the whole of Hunan, Henan and other regions 【Preparation method】It is divided into two types: smoked and sun-dried. Smoked: It is fresh red pepper. After a certain number of pepper handles are tied into a bundle, it is hung above the rural soil stove, and the smoke generated by the grass and wood fire is used for long-term smoked kang. Drying: When the weather is fine, it is made by direct exposure to the sun. Overview dried chilli Dried chili (10 pieces) Capsicum, Solanaceae Capsicum. Green peppers and red peppers are divided into green peppers and red peppers according to the degree of maturity. Fresh green/red peppers can be eaten as main dishes, and red peppers can be processed into dried peppers, pepper sauces, etc., which are mainly used for dish seasoning. An annual herb with a stem height of 45-75 cm. Simple leaves alternate; leaf blade ovate-lanceolate, 5-9.5 cm long, 1.5-2 cm wide, entire, apex pointed, base tapering, extending into petiole; petiole long. Flowers 1-3, axillary, white; calyx broadly bell-shaped, apex 5-toothed; round corolla, 9-15 cm in diameter, 5-lobed, lobes oblong, valvate-like arrangement, longer than crown tube; stamens 5 , sometimes 6-7, inserted near the base of corolla, anthers oblong, longitudinally fissured; pistil 1, ovary 2-loculed, few 3-loculed, style linear. The berries turn red or orange-yellow when they are mature, and their shape and size vary greatly after cultivation, with long conical, lantern-shaped or spherical, etc.; live. Seeds numerous, oblate, pale yellow. The flowering period is June to July. Fruiting period from July to October. volume_upcontent_copyshare
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