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Jiaer Planting Base

Anhui Jiaer Planting Professional Cooperative

Brief Introduction of Anhui Jiaer Planting Professional Cooperative 

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Anhui Jiaer Planting Professional Cooperative was established in August 2021 by Hou Xiangxiang and 4 farmers. The cooperative is located in Houqiao Administrative Village, Caoshi Town, Guoyang County, Bozhou City, Anhui Province (next to X037 County Road). Guoyang County is the “Hometown of Laozi” and Taoist ancestral home. The town belongs to Caoshi Town, which is a thousand-year-old town. It is mainly engaged in edible fungus planting, vegetable planting, crop cultivation services, and pest control services. Morel mushroom cultivation started in 2019, with a morel mushroom planting area of 70 acres, a morel mushroom cultivation greenhouse of 46,669 square meters (the cooperative has 33,335 square meters, and the cooperative planting 13,334 square meters), with a production of 600 jin of fresh morels per mu , The output value is 36,000 yuan, and more than 30 local surplus laborers (including poor households) are employed. With industrialized operation of "company + cooperative + base + farmer", we strive to achieve product traceability. Jiaer Heshe adheres to the principle of "co-construction, mutual consultation, and sharing" as its purpose and the organizational principles of "voluntary joining, free withdrawal, benefit sharing, risk sharing, democratic management, and self-development". Set up a technical service department, formulate operating procedures, standardize operating mechanisms, and improve management systems to ensure the healthy and orderly development of cooperatives. The cooperative adopts the "five unification" measures to continuously improve the working efficiency of the cooperative. One is unified planting; second is unified service; third is unified standard; fourth is unified purchase; fifth is unified sales. Strengthen the whole process management of base production to improve product quality and safety. As the planting greenhouses are put into production one after another, the future plans to develop a morel cultivation base to reach 1,000 acres. Cooperate with Anhui Jingeng Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. to build a morel strain preparation standardization plant; jointly with Anhui Hexing Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. Broaden product sales channels; build a green and pollution-free morel base to expand influence and popularity; strengthen technical training and services, strengthen the construction of training systems, improve the level of information management, and contribute to the development of rural revitalization strategy.




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